We do Photography, Audio recording and Duplicate Media.  The following is a break down of what we do.

We use professional SLR cameras to take our photos.  Along with the use of red eye removal software and
color enhancing software.  We have experience with Nature, Summer Camps and Special Events.

Audio Recording
We have recorded and duplicated for summer camps and also for the 2007 Clergy Retreat.  We are
currently using all wired equipment to create these digital recordings.  We are able to create either cds that
can be played in cars or we can create .mp3 file cds or you have the choice of receiving a copy of all audio
files to use however you see fit.

Duplicate Media
We are capable of duplicating media in the form of cd data disks and cd audio.  This means for you that if
you have recorded maybe a set of bible study classes and would like multiple hard copies to sell or hand out.
 Such as at
Church Festivals.  This might be some thing to think about in that case.  The media averages
$2.50 a disk to duplicate and a discount for larger orders.  
Contact us if you have any questions about how we might be able to help you.  We basically have a
goal of helping out the Orthodox churches with the technical side of things.  So that way even if you
are a low tech person.  You can have hi-tech possibilities.  
Wedding Pictures
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Gabriel Hock Baptism
Godparent Cassandra Chamallas
Eliana Baptism
Joshua and
Jennifer Boyd